An Unlikely World Part 9

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Part 9

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18 or NC17

TITLE: It's An Unlikely World Part 9 of ?
AUTHOR: halfofone
RATING: NC17 for language mainly
CODE: F/W with some B/F and W/T
SUMMARY: This is a Buffy The Vampire Slayer fic. Faith is thrown together with an old enemy in prison.

TPTB are many. In a perfect world I would be one of them but it's not and I'm not. No infringement of copyright/trade marks or other intellectual property is intended. This story was written for fun and not profit.

Warning: This story includes same sex relationships between women. If you are offended by this or it is illegal where you live or you are underage then please read no further.

Full warnings, credits and disclaimers can be found in the contents page and chapter 1.

Faith's blood was soaking through her night-dress. She lay collapsed on top of Willow's unconscious body and it was soon obvious that Willow's skin was returning to its normal colour as though Faith's blood was actually seeping into her. In just a few moments Willow had lost the unnatural looking white skin and the matt black hair, returning to her naturally pale-pink complexion and shiny red locks, like a garden gnome as she had once disparagingly described herself.

The audience of friends and assorted members of the Torrance family gaped until Xander found his tongue. "That was unexpected," he said wonderingly.

"Big whoop. It's just slayer healing," Anya snorted and rolled her eyes as though such things were totally boring and unworthy of comment. "Supernatural infection, smear on a bit of slayer blood, drive out the evil, blah-di-blah. Everyone knows that."

By contrast with Willow, Faith grew paler with each passing second. Danny crouched down by Faith, holding her wrist, his face betrayed his concern for the young woman who was slipping away, her life-force visibly leaking from her.

"She needs a blood transfusion. There's nothing more I can do for her without blood."

"Use me," said Buffy.

"Are you the same blood group?"

"More than you can guess," Buffy replied.

"You have to be exactly the same or you may kill her," he emphasised, trying to assess Buffy's understanding.

"We are the same I think. My watcher used to say that there was normal genetic variation between slayers except for one thing: our blood. The same blood has flowed in every slayer for millions of years."

"I have no idea what you are talking about," said Danny, "but I hope to God it makes sense. We must get her upstairs. Jordan?"

"Yeah I know," said the big guy. "Lifting and carrying is what I do."

"Not this time," Buffy interrupted. "I have her." She raised the collapsed slayer off the unconscious body of the witch, lifting the larger girl as though she weighed no more than a baby. Jordan grinned at her approvingly.

"Now that is my kind of girl."

Buffy smiled at him uncertainly, registering for the first time that not only was Jordan large, but he was handsome in a college football player way. He smiled back.

"Hi. I'm Jordan. Mary's little brother."

"Buffy...I mean that's me. My name is Buffy. Umm where are we going," Buffy muttered as a familiar shyness clutched at her tongue. Dawn, always alert to the signs of sisterly discomfort honed from years of observation and practice in embarrassing her older sister, looked up sharply. She stared at her sister and then at the solicitous young giant who was directing Buffy up the stairs. An instant later she met Tori's eye and the two teenagers burst into laughter. Finding an immediate bond in their shared amusement at the hopelessness of their adult relatives, the two girls introduced themselves to each other and then to all the other people in the room. By the time a lightheaded Buffy, missing several pints of her own blood, returned downstairs with Jordan supporting her and Doctor Danny following behind, the party had moved to the kitchen where Mary was making tea and coffee and peanut butter sandwiches for everyone and a convivial atmosphere had developed, apart from Alvin and Anya who were watching the proceedings from their chosen perches like a pair of silent gloomy crows.

"Would you like some tea or coffee," was the first question levelled at Buffy and then the deluge came.

How's Faith? Is she going to be okay? Would she need more blood? How many vampires/journalists/crowds of onlookers were still outside? What were they going to do next? Should they leave the house? What was all this about an apocalypse? What was an apocalypse? What was a slayer? Why were there two slayers if she was the chosen one? How strong was she? How strong was a vampire? How many vampires could she fight? The questions rained on her until one question of her own entered Buffy's head.

What had they done with Willow?

"I put her on the couch through there," Xander answered.

"Did you tie her up?" He shook his head. They stared at each other as the same worrisome thought entered both their minds. "Have you checked on her recently?"

One look at Xander's repentant face and Buffy ran into the room he had previously indicated, Xander on her heels. Nothing. Willow had gone. Xander cursed loudly and then had to apologise to his hostess who had followed them through. Mary's mom-style glare abated slightly at the apology but it was clear that the big woman had registered Xander as another young man who needed her guidance.

"We have to find her now," Buffy ordered, taking command as usual. "I'll search outside, make sure it's safe. The rest of you search the house. Mary can you make sure everyone is paired off and that you know where each group is looking. Everyone back here in ten minutes."

Mary nodded wearily. She stared at the half-eaten jelly sandwich in her hand. "Do you people ever get to eat a full meal, 'cause I am hungry." Sighing she put it down and began to organise.

"I'm coming with you," said Jordan following Buffy to the front door.

"No. There might still be vampires out there."

"So? You can protect me then." He grinned down at her. "I'll watch your back and carry those itty bits of wood for you. Stakes ain't it?"

They could hear Anya complaining in the kitchen "Why do we have to go in the basement? There is never anything good in the basement; they are always dark, damp and nasty and smell like Xander's socks. Why does anyone even have a basement? No-one ever uses one for anything useful, it is just a ready made home for bad things."

Jordan winked. "By the sound of it, I'll be better off outside with you than down in the basement."

Buffy rolled her eyes but she hesitated to agree "I'm not sure I want to face your sister if anything happens to you."

"I'm confident," he replied. "You've kept your friends safe."

Xander and a disgruntled Anya appeared behind them. Xander had overheard the tail end of their conversation and he chipped in, "but we have years of sweaty, pant-soiling running and hiding behind us. We have skills." He slapped Jordan on the back. "Not every civilian makes the grade."

"I can run," Jordan asserted. "One hundred in ten point five but I guess the hiding might be trickier." He pointed at his own bulk.

"Okay," Buffy said suddenly urgent as a rush of fear for (and perhaps of) Willow overtook her again. "I haven't got time to argue. You can come with but the first sign of trouble and I want to see that speed."

A distant shout of triumph carried down the stairs.

"It's okay everyone. We've found her."

"Thank god," said Anya. "That means we don't have to go in the basement right?"

"Dawn" exclaimed Buffy. The slayer was off and running up the stairs as though a dozen demons were behind her. Jordan and Xander charged after her.

"Is it always this crazy?" asked Jordan as they reached the stairs.

"Oh yeah," Xander confirmed. "It's not for everyone."

Jordan said seriously, as he took the stairs three at a time, "Maybe I could get used to it."

Buffy almost knocked over Dawn, Tori and Justin who were huddled giggling at the top of the stairs. "Where is she?"

"In there," replied her sister very quietly, holding her finger to her lips and pointing to the very room where Faith was resting after her transfusion. Buffy looked set to knock the door down.

"Everyone stay back. I'll deal with this."

"Buffy! No!" Dawn grabbed her sleeve, still whispering, "It's all cool, kinda sweet even. Vin Diesel not needed."

Buffy raised her eyebrows at that but she did open the door gently, peering in cautiously. By this time both her trusty minions had arrived and were crowding around behind her looking over the top of her head.

Faith lay on the bed, an improvised drip feeding blood into her veins. Willow was curled up on top of the covers, by the slayer's legs, asleep with her head resting on her arms. Faith's free hand was tangled in the witch's red hair.

"Man those two are into each other," Jordan exclaimed. Buffy cast him a quick glance, checking for disapproval but found nothing other than an endearing expression of awe. Xander on the other hand did not look happy.

"Now that is just plain wrong," he complained, struggling between fear for his oldest friend, dislike of Faith and a long-standing women in prison fantasy. "Sexy but wrong."

Faith slowly opened her eyes and met Buffy's. For a long moment they both just held each other's gaze until at last Buffy pushed everyone back and closed the door quietly.

"It's okay. Faith has her," she said firmly.

"That's all you can say," asked Xander.

"Yes that is all I'm going to say. Panic over. We can all start thinking about the apocalypse again."

Jordan snorted and then lost the grin when he caught Buffy's irritated glare.

"I'm sorry. I thought you were making a joke." He shrugged awkwardly.

Xander patted him on the back. "Don't worry big guy. Buffy saves her humour for the undead. She's pretty cool with the graveside wit."

"Xander! That is so unfair."

"And so true. Many is the vampire that has died with a merry chortle on his dusted lips."

"Eww," muttered Dawn to her new friends. "You see the grossness I have to endure."

"Merry chortle?"

Dawn shook her head despairingly. "I know. So uncool."

The three teens peered pityingly at Xander, who blushed and muttered about having left high-school and that if he needed a dose of Cordelia he could get it on the phone.


Willow lifted her head sleepily and wondered where she was. She felt the fingers tangled in her hair.

"Tara," she whispered before thought could hold back hope.

The touch withdrew.

"Sorry Red," drawled a familiar voice. "Lucked out again."

In spite of the painful strike of disappointment and the grey sadness of realising her loss again rolling through her waking consciousness as it did every morning like fog on a winter moor, Willow couldn't help but smile at Faith's fuck-you voice. It didn't fool her anymore. Little Manny had been right about Faith. She was a soft touch. Willow leaned up on her elbow to look at her companion. Faith was still very pale, near as pale as Willow and her eyes were closed against the bright sunlight invading the room through the gaps in the curtains. Someone had closed the valve on the makeshift drip in the night but it was still attached to Faith's arm, the empty bag was swinging from a coat hanger. The twisted remnants of the head board also hung as a reminder of Faith's latest brush with death.

"Winning ways deserted me long ago," Willow drawled back.

"I wouldn't say that Red. We lived through the night and you're still you and I'm still me. Guess that counts as a kind of victory."

"Still me and still you. Great." Willow closed her eyes and lay back down.

"It's so quiet," Faith murmured, obvious wonder in her voice. "No shouting or snoring or doors banging or anyone singing or screaming or cursing or keys jangling or anything. I'd forgotten what 'quiet' sounds like."

"How does it sound Faith?" Willow asked curiously.

"Sweet. It sounds so sweet. Like clean sheets and warm bread."

Willow rolled over on her arm and looked at Faith, honestly touched by the real feeling in Faith's words. "Hmm. That's almost how Buffy described heaven. She said how peaceful and warm it was. How safe she felt."

"I understand why she was pissed to be brought back then. Slaying is harsh."

Willow frowned. She didn't need reminders of her mistake in reviving the chosen one. Plus no-one seemed to understand what it had cost her in the end: the slide into magic abuse and the loss of Tara. "I thought you always enjoyed the slaying and killing Faith. You were so good at it."

"I liked winning and I liked the power and I liked being feared but sometimes the slayer has to fight knowing she's going to lose, and that sometime she will lose everything. Like I said. Harsh. Buffy was always braver than me I guess - that's why she lasted and I couldn't. Anyway doesn't seem important now."

"You seem brave to me," Willow whispered, uncertain maybe because saying nice things to Faith was still a little strange.

"Thanks Red."

"How are you feeling?"

"Peachy," Faith grumbled and opened tired eyes to peer at Willow. "How 'bout you?"

"Peachier," Willow grumbled in return.

For a moment they each maintained a reasonably good grimace and then both collapsed back on the bed, grinning widely and Willow giggling.

"We are so bad," Willow declared and giggled again. Without really thinking she took a hold of Faith's nearest hand and twined her fingers in slayer's. Faith looked surprised but didn't really pull away.

"Real bad," Faith agreed with her best laconic sneer. "The killer and the evil witch…"

The door of the room swung open and Mary bustled in.

"Well I don't think you need to be so all-fire pleased with your evilness," she exclaimed. "I was going to ask you if you wanted any breakfast. Now I ain't so sure."

"Mary," interrupted Doctor Danny as he appeared beside her, "I will be the judge of whether either of my patients is going to have breakfast. I have to say Spencer you're livelier than I expected tho' I didn't expect much. Off the bed Rosenberg. I'll get to you in a minute." He stuck a thermometer in Faith's ear and ignored her scowl as the cold instrument invaded her. He held her wrist and glanced at his watch. "Hold still. Funny how it's always the strongest who complain the most."

"I said nothing Doc."

"You have a conversational face and mostly it complains." After a few seconds the Doc let go of her wrist and shone a bright light in each of her eyes in turn. He then placed his stethoscope on her chest and listened for a few seconds. Finally the Doc withdrew the thermometer and blinked. "Temperature normal. Pulse normal. Heartbeat strong. Pupils normal. Eyes clear. I need to look at your wounds and change the bandages but right now apart from looking a little weary you're healthier than I am."

Carefully Doctor Danny cut away the dry-blood soaked bandages and gently prised them from Faith's skin.

"Ouch!" she yelped as the bandage finally came away. Danny paid no heed, he was too busy staring at the stitches in the almost healed skin.

"That is not possible."

He gently turned her on her side and repeated the exercise to reveal the entry wound in her back.

"Are you even the same girl who was here last night?"

"I remember you Doctor D, plying me and Willow with strong drink."

"I'm beginning to think I was the one drinking. How is that possible?" he repeated.

"Danny if you think that's strange. Well I can tell you the things I seen…"

"You have told me Mary but there is still a difference between hearing about weird shit and seeing weird shit. And that girl's recovery is weird shit. It almost offends me - all my medical training and I might as well not have wasted my time!"

"Not true Doctor," Willow assured him, "if you hadn't rigged up that transfusion Faith would have died. She needed slayer blood."

Faith looked revolted. "Do not remind me. Now I have B's blood running around inside me she is never going to let me live this down. She'll want me to swear to be faithful to her almighty Buffyness, speaking of which where is the one and only fashion princess of slayerdom?"

"She's gone to check out the prison," Mary reported. "See if anything is going on. She seemed to think we'd be safe enough here in the daytime."

Faith shrugged. "Maybe. Anyway I'm awake now." She sat up and groaned ignoring the Doc's attempts to hold her down. He threw up his hands. "Really stiff though," she said with a placatory nod at the despairing doctor.

Willow was more realistic, "Faith I don't think you're up to a fight yet so let's hope Buffy is right."

"B's always right. She'll tell you that. Anyway I'm fine."

Willow rolled her eyes and Faith smirked. Doctor Danny was now pushing and prodding at Willow. He didn't look too pleased.

"Nothing wrong with you either. If everyone was like you folk, us doctors would be out of business. That said I don't want either of you running about for at least the next coupla days. You might split your stitches and you," he said looking at Willow irritably, "well you just seem like trouble."

"I'll watch them Danny," Mary assured him. "I appreciate your help."

"It's okay Mary, just my whole world-view has to be re-written after last night and I don't like the new story one little bit. Anyway I'm going home to see my family and take them away from this place before it all goes to hell. Literally. My wife's not going to understand why we have to leave our home though."

"Lie," advised Faith. "Dying friend; long lost twin; won a million; tell her there's a plague at the hospital."

"Why thank you Spencer. I don't know how I communicated with my wife before I met you."

Faith grinned at his sarcasm. She liked him already. "Pleasure Doc."

He stomped off and they could hear him muttering about silly women as he thumped down the stairs.

"What about you Mary?" Willow asked. Mary made a face.

"I don't know. I want my baby girl away from here until it's safe but she's refusing to leave me."

"So. Why don't you just go with her?"

"Because I have many friends and family here and this is my community and I don't want to leave them to die. If I can do anything to fight the evil then it is my duty as a christian to help."

"Mary," Willow said as seriously as she knew how, "this is not something you should get involved with. All fighting demons and vampires has brought any of us is pain and loss. Please just take your family and go as far from here as you can."

"Have to say I agree with her Mary."

"Is there someplace in the world where there are no demons then?" Mary asked looking almost hopeful.

"No," Willow said cautiously, "but not everywhere is as dangerous as right here, right now."

"So you have a list of safe places, a timetable of when the evil will appear?"

Willow reluctantly shook her head. "Well no. But personally I would always check out the cemeteries, in daylight of course, and see how old most people are when they die. If there are a lot of dead teenagers then give the town a miss and keep driving. Vampires kinda like them young. Oh and any recently disturbed graves then definitely you want to move right along or lots of mausoleums or family crypts. Bad sign. If you can check the police records or even local news websites then that's pretty useful - unexplained disappearances, strange animal sightings, any weird seismic activity.."

"Girl. Can you hear yourself? I would rather stay here amongst the people I know than always live in fear that the evil may find me or mine in some strange place where I have to read all the obituaries and not allow anyone in my house."

"Point taken but Mary there is evil and then there is apocalypse. We're talking end of the world…"

"So how would moving to the next state help?"

"Again point taken Mary…umm…a good point."

"Red, cut to the chase and stop playing ping-pong. The thing is Mary that if you stay here you'll have a good chance of getting killed even if we stop the apocalypse. If you leave then you'll probably live to a happy old age if we stop the apocalypse. If we don't stop the apocalypse then we're all going to die anyway. And quite honestly if you stay then you may get us killed trying to protect you."

"So you're saying that I'd be in the way."

"Yeah. That's what I'm saying." Faith folded her arms and glared. Mary was not defeated however.

"What if you need to do magic? You needed me on the roof of that prison alright."

"Good point yet again Mary." Willow smirked and waggled her eyebrows at Faith's open-mouthed disbelief. Mary ignored the interruption - she was on a roll.

"Anyway I don't think any of you have a right to tell me that I have to go. You got me into this when it suited you and now I am involved regardless whether you or I wanted it that way. God has chosen me and I trust him to keep me safe."

"Fine," Faith snapped. "Just don't cry to me when it all goes wrong. Cry to God and see if he cares."

"Blaspheming is not going to impress me missy. I am staying right here."

The noise of the front door slamming and someone shouting for Mary ended the argument. Mary went outside into the hall. "It's Jordan and Buffy" she said with some relief. I better go and see if they need breakfast."

Faith glared after the large woman.

"Let it go Faith," Willow said wearily. "We tried. At least she'll see us all fed before she dies."

"Until she's killed."

"You really care don't you."

"Almost everyone I've known in the last five years apart from Buffy and you has died fighting demons or become a demon. Even Angel has disappeared. I don't want anyone else to die because of me. But as she says it's her fucking choice."

Willow picked up the robe that was lying on the floor and threw it to Faith. "Come on. If you can. Let's go down and see the others. Hear what they've discovered."

"Keen much," Faith said lightly though she could not altogether hide her surprise that Willow wanted to see the rest of the scooby gang.

Willow shrugged. "I need to apologise for last night and I really don't want the world to end just yet."


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Great story, I realize it's been 2 years since you last updated, probably since you even looked at this story, but if you ever get the itch to continue it, I'd love to see what you have planned for the dynamic duo ;)

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