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A WebRing is a collection of websites from around the Internet joined together by a NavBar in a basic ring fashion. The NavBar code (sometimes called SSNB ) is a small piece of JavaScript (or HTML ) that allows the surfer to click on a link to travel to the next, previous, or a random site. Through this the surfer can eventually browse through the entire ring, ending up where he once started, hence its name.

WebRings usually are a group of similar sites. Most rings follow a similar theme (such as crafts , HTML , baseball , etc) to provide a large base of information on a single subject that may not be simple to find in a large search engine . The browser, in other words, can view multiple sites on one subject without having to search for them individually.


These are rings OLK belongs to...

Name Navbar Description
Someone to Watch Over Me
Previous site Of Labrys And Kings
is a member of
Someone to Watch Over Me
a SiteRing from Bravenet Web Services
List of sites
Random Site
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f/f slash friendly sites that include at least some Star Trek Voyager slash fics.
Femslash Fandoms

A webring dedicated to various femslash pairings from Buffy, Voyager, Xena, etc. Add your site and increase our library!