Mystery Series Theater 3000


Disclaimer: This is done for purely entertainment purposes only, no profit is being made or is intended to. This is not meant to infringe upon the rights held by Paramount, Best Brains, or any others. Any other rights are reserved. This was written by a J/7er, heavy on the 7. If f/f themes offend you, you have my sympathy and my recommendation that you find something else to read.

Dedication: First, this is dedicated to Gina L. Dartt. While this has no connection to her "Just Between" stories, I was heavily influenced by her works and you will find tributes to her at various spots. It is also dedicated to all my new friends I have made at Sandrines. I hope everyone enjoys.

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(Sung to the Love Theme to Mystery Science Theater 3000)
Sometime in the Distant Future
Round the end of season three
Voyager found itself in Borg space
Drones as far as the eye could see
Then they lucked out and met a drone
Who got the Collective to leave them alone
But the Queen decided she wanted Seven back
So she tracked down the USS Voyager and went on the attack
Bridge Crew Roll Call
Captain Janeway: "Janeway to Astrometrics."
Seven: "Captain Janeway to Astrometrics."
..and the rest
B'Elanna: "What's this "and the rest" nonsense???"
On Mystery Series Theatre 3000

{Fade in on the lobby to a movie theater, the crew of Voyager milling about as Neelix can be seen behind the refreshments counter.}
Janeway: "Well Mr. Neelix, would you care to explain the modification you had Seven make to the theater?"
Neelix: "Of course captain. As morale officer I knew these "experiments" are devastating to the crews morale, and remembering Seven's research on movie theaters I asked her if I could take a look at it, and I found out you were missing the goodies."
(Janeway blushing as she remembers Sevens "discovery" about how one is supposed to behave in a movie theater.)
Janeway (making a slight strangled sound as she starts to speak): "Goodies?"
Neelix (bubbling): "Yes captain, goodies, popcorn, soda pop, candy!"
Paris: "Oh great, candy!… by… Neelix."
Neelix: "Not to worry Mr. Paris, these are patterns straight from the replicator."
Paris: "but doesn't that mean they're… healthy?"
B'Elanna: "Best of both worlds."
(Seven looks up.)
Neelix: "Exactly, good AND good for you."
(Paris makes a face, to which B'Elanna lightly thumps him in the ribs.)
Paris: "All right, all right, Ill take those Milk Duds."
{The rest of the crew forms a loose line to gather up the movie treats before filing into the theater.}

{The crew steps into the holodeck taking their familiar theater seats left to right Seven, Janeway, Chakotay, Tuvok, Kim, Paris, B'Elanna and the Doctor. All of them carrying an assortment of boxes, buckets and cups of various movie treats.}
B'Elanna: "Umm Doc, need I remind you, you don't eat?"
Doctor: "Holographic Twizzlers."
Harry: "Ahh light candy, get it? LIGHT?"
Paris: "No Harry."
Harry: "but…"
Chakotay: "No Harry."
B'Elanna (feeding Tom a Milk Dud): "Have a Milk Dud Paris, I can see why you would like these, caramel, sweet… lingers on the tongue."
Paris (grinning as he eats the Milk Dud): "Picked up on that did you?"
{The screen comes to life with Paris, Harry, Chakotay and Neelix playing poker in the Delta Flyer.}
Doctor: "They start stripping, I start screaming."
B'Elanna: "Collective" I wonder what this one is about?"
Paris: "Children of the Corn! I love that movie!"
B'Elanna: "No Tom "Children of the Borg" Borg, B-O-R-G."
Paris (sounding dejected): "Oh"
{As they see the cube Paris mentions he had a full house.}
Tuvok: "I guess the human term "Natural Born Looser" has merit."
{Neelix asks why the sensors didn't detect them, and Harry says they used a dispersal field.}
Seven: "Stealth, apparently, is not irrelevant."
{Chakotay calls for warp drive, and Paris says it is damaged.}
Paris (as himself): "but thank you for asking sir, I would have never thought of running away on my own."
{Sending Harry down to make repairs Chakotay asks him his status.}
Harry (as himself): "Barely five minutes into the episode and I am terrified."
Chakotay (as himself): "Understandable, I'm not ashamed to say I've wet em."
{Neelix says the cubes power output is fluctuating.}
Seven: "The collective does not fluctuate."
(Janeway clears her throat.)
Seven: "Unless Captain Janeway is present."
{Chakotay gives the order to target their propulsion matrix.}
Seven: "Propulsion matrix? That must be a recently assimilated technology."
{Chakotay says to fire when ready.}
Tuvok: "As opposed to firing BEFORE you are ready."
{Neelix says they knocked out the propulsion system.}
Seven: "This cube must have been made after budget cutbacks. Since older cubes do not have any centralized systems."
Doctor (Hillbilly voice with Drone reverb): "Damn foreign made cubes."
{They get caught in a tractor beam and Chakotay calls for warp power.}
Chakotay (as himself): "Because there is no way we could take out a tractor beam like we took out the entire propulsion system."
{A power surge knocks out Harry.}
Paris (deep announcer voice): "and Ensign Kim biffs it in record time!"
{They hear the Borg voice that tells them their distinctiveness will be added to their own.}
Seven: "What about lowering their shields and surrendering their ship?"
Janeway: "They must have assimilated a committee that decided to "reevaluate existing assimilation procedures."
{In the cubes assimilation chamber Neelixes dream sequence where he sees the drone-Chakotay.}
Seven: "I must say commander, assimilation seems to agree with you."
Chakotay: "Well they did let me keep my uniform."
Seven (grinning at Janeway): "and if you're lucky you can be picked to be the liaison with Federation ships."
{Chakotay tells him they are not assimilated yet, but are close.}
Doctor (as Chakotay): "I mean we don't have much in the personality department to start with."
{They realize Harry is missing.}
B'Elanna: "Ok its one thing to ditch Harry, but come on, ditching him in the cube?"
{Chakotay says they need to get their barrings, find out what's going on.}
Paris (as himself): "This is Voyager we are talking about, does it really matter?"
{They find the botched assimilation, and say it is not anyone they know.}
Chakotay (as himself): "So who cares?"
{On the bridge B'Elanna calmly notes the other ship is a Borg Cube.}
B'Elanna (as herself, yawning): "Yep, collective calling for you captain."
Harry: "Is that like calling collect?"
Seven: "Dial 1-800-C-O-L-L-E-C-T. It is efficient."
Paris: "Hey, why can she riff a riff?… Oh right, the writers darling."
Chakotay: "Finally getting to meet the family captain?"
Doctor (Drone reverb): "Finally she brings home someone efficient."
{Janeway calls for red alert.}
Janeway (as herself): "It's the folks! They don't even know were living together yet!"
Doctor (Drone reverb): "Kissing up is futile."
{Tuvok notes the cube is just holding position.}
Janeway: "Normally the Borg seem so much more responsive."
Tuvok: "I think it's not "the" Borg as it is "that" Borg".
Seven: "and she knows the second you enter the room."
(Janeway smiles.)
{Seven says the cube's damage is not that severe and the Drones should have fixed it.}
Paris: "They must have assimilated some teamsters."
Seven: "Work is irrelevant, we are union."
{Janeway gives the order to target the cubes weapons array.}
(Seven takes a breath to speak, then simply sighs.)
{Janeway tells them to lock on to the away team and transport them, which fails.}
Janeway (as herself): "Ah NOW they get efficient."
{A rather weak sounding assimilation message is sent.}
Harry (as Borg, whining): "Come on, please, I'll be your best friend."
{Janeway orders the Borg to return her crew.}
Tuvok: "Impressive many would not be able to give commands to the Borg."
Janeway (trying desperately not to grin): "Experience."
{Janeway identifies herself.}
Doctor (Drone reverb): "Ah no, not her again."
{They tell Janeway she will be assimilated, and she replies not today and not by them, over her shoulder Seven in seen.}
Janeway (as herself): "Now HER on the other hand."
{The cube agrees to return the crewmembers.}
Seven (chest heaving): "She's so butch!"
{Janeway says she needs to stall them.}
Tuvok: "Fortunately this series excels at going nowhere."
{Seven beams over to the cube, finding the dead drones.}
Seven (as herself): "I come to work, all ready to go postal, and everyone is already dead."
{As she scans a dead Drone the Borg order her away.}
Seven (as herself): "I have something you can assimilate, a gesture I learned from our chief engineer."
(Before Seven can complete the thought Janeway takes Seven's hand and holds it in her lap. While B'Elanna grins rather uncontrollably.)
{We see the neonatal drone.}
(Janeway looks at Seven, sees a rather glowing look on the flawless face and sinks down in her chair.)
{We see the young girl drone.}
Janeway: "They are so cute at that age."
(Seven blushes.)
Harry: "Brace yourself for the baby pictures Seven."
Seven: "Baby pictures?"
Tuvok: "Another type of ritual humiliation where the most embarrassing moments of your childhood are related to your special someone."
{The young Drones identify themselves as the Borg.}
Doctor (singing): "Kids, what is wrong with these kids to day?"
B'Elanna (voice loaded with humor): "Wait, twins, two boys, one girl…"
Paris: "B'Elanna…"
B'Elanna (breaking out in laughter): "You were captured by the Rugrats!"
Harry: "If we see one holding his face while screaming I want a tranquilizer."
{The baby drones say Seven is missing her infrastructure and they can fix her.}
Janeway: "No thank you, I like her infrastructure just the way it is."
Seven (as herself): "No, Captain Janeway could chip a nail."
All (except Seven): "SEVEN!"
{They say she will add to their perfection.}
Janeway: "You couldn't take that much perfection."
{Seven says they should still be in maturation chambers, the First says they have matured enough.}
Paris (as First): "Though we will need you to sit up front, I only have my Cube learning permit."
Harry (as First): "You're not our real collective!"
{Seven tells them she has modified the agreement.}
Janeway (almost purring): "Who's being butch now?"
{First demands, Seven complies.}
Chakotay: "That kid needs to be taken over a knee."
Paris: "Can you give a drone a spanking?"
(Janeway giggles, and Paris blushes realizing what he said. Seven arching a brow as she smirks.)
{Still blushing, Paris stands with the rest of the crew as the screen freezes and the doors open for the break.}

{Fading back, not into the bridge but into a chamber in a Borg vessel. The walls the same black circuitry, the air thick with a haze made green in the muted lighting. As the camera pulls back it is revealed to be an assimilation chamber, where we see captain Janeway firmly secured to a table.}
(Janeways eyes dart to the left, and to the right, her arms pulling against the secure bonds. Grinding her teeth we see her chest rise from the table, legs, arms, trying to move.)
Seven: "I assure you Captain Janeway, resistance is futile."
{Her eyes straining to find the source of the voice Seven walks into view, not in her biosuit, but a sleek, skin-tight version of borg armor, her face is her current one, but her implants are not the traditional gleaming chrome, but a shiny black metal. The exoskeleton on her hand almost a black metal glove. A glove she places on Janeways chest, pushing her down onto the table.}
Janeway: "Who- who are you?"
Seven: "Seven of Nine, tertiary adjunct to unimatrix 01, I have been designated to assimilate you."
(At those calm sounding words Janeway feels a rush of fear shoot through her. Yet, even as her chest heaves she finds many emotions surging through her, fear only one of them. Many of the sensations radiating from the unyielding metal pressing into her chest.}
Seven (a wicked grin lighting up her features): "I am detecting many responses from you "Captain Kathryn Janeway of the Federation Starship Voyager" yet only 37% can be attributed to a fear based response."
Janeway: "I have no idea what you are talking about."
Seven (arching THE eyebrow): "You don't? Then you truly need the clarity of the Collective."
(As she speaks the augmented hand lightly winds its way around Janeway as Seven walks the length of the table.)
Seven: "Even as I touch you, as I explore and map out your body your pulse rate has doubled."
(Sevens metal encased fingers run over Captain Janeways waist and Seven smirks.)
Seven: "and that response can not be attributed to fear."
Janeway (breathing labored): "My responses are "irrelevant" I can control them."
(Seven takes several moments to finish her hand's path back to the flush face of Captain Janeway, the cool metal fingers tracing features fighting to be impassive. Crouching down she whispers into the Captain's ear.)
Seven: "but for how long?"
{At this point the metal of her augmented hand shifts into finger-blades that start at the collar of Janeways uniform slicing cleanly, and efficiently. As Seven brings her soft, warm human hand into play to pull the tatters from the captains heaving chest. As the cloth starts to pull away the scene jump cuts to Janeway waking up with a gasp, in her captain's chair.}
Chakotay: "Are you all right Kathryn?"
Janeway: "Yes I dreamed I, WE were being assimilated."
Chakotay (chuckling): "Your subconscious jumped the gun."
Janeway: "Status?"
Chakotay (looking at his chair console): "Heading to the theater, we have episode sign!"
{Fade from the bridge as we see Chakotay keying a button while the crew gets into the turbolift.}

{Fading back into the theater we see the crew getting back into their seats. Seven seeing Janeway is still panting slightly reaches over with her enhanced hand and rests it above Janeways knee. At which point Captain Janeway makes a delighted sound and feints dead away. At which point a concerned Seven puts an arm around the captain and rests Janeway's head to her shoulder.}
Chakotay: "I guess her dream rattled her more then she realized."
{Seven asks Second his designation and she asks if he emerged from the maturation chambers second.}
Tuvok (as Second): "No… I will tell you my designation in a second."
{As Seven meets with the captives she tells Chakotay not to let their appearance fool them, that they are in control of the vessel.}
Seven (as herself): "It's not much of a ship, and they don't really know what they are doing, but they are in control of it."
{She asks them if they are injured and Chakotay says no.}
Seven (as herself): "Let's correct that then." (Makes a punching motion with her Borg enhanced hand.)
{Seven sees the failed assimilation.}
Doctor (as Seven): "When I was their age we didn't have those fancy schmancy assimilation chambers. We had a Swiss army knife, a shorted out soldering iron and some duct tape, and we were happy!"
Seven: "I remember my "First Assimilation Set" the collective gave it to me for my maturation process complete day."
{The little girl drone shocks Paris and Seven says it was unnecessary.}
All (including Paris): "Fun, but unnecessary."
{She says he learned his lesson.}
B'Elanna: "Jeez Paris, you're getting your butt kicked by a little girl."
{Chakotay asks Seven to give his regards to Harry.}
Seven (as herself): "but he keeps weeping uncontrollably when we talk about my relationship with Kathryn."
{She says she is not authorized to give the technology and must report back to Captain Janeway.}
Seven (as herself): "For a make out session in the Ready Room."
{Second agrees to let Seven take a data node and an adult drone.}
(B'Elanna starts humming "Another one bites the dust.")
Harry: "Now, now, Seven can not help the fact she is irresistible, and can not be blamed for the young man being smitten."
{Walking down the hall in Voyager Janeway and Tuvok talk about having no sign of Harry.}
Paris (as Janeway): "but the kid blends right into the background."
Tuvok (as himself): "Are we sure he even went with them?"
{She tells Tuvok to send the signal to him on a Borg signal so it will not be detected.}
Seven: "Like it would matter."
Paris (Chuckie impersonation): "Tommy! Those Feberahin guys are talkin to one of our captieves."
Doctor (Tommy with Drone reverb): "That's not fair!"
B'Elanna (Angelica Impersonation): "You dumb neonatal drones!"
{The Doctor says the bigger they are the harder they fall.}
Seven (looking at Janeway): "Yes, but when they do fall…"
{In sickbay the Doctor says the pathogen targets cybernetic organisms.}
(Seven clears her throat.)
Doctor: "Don't worry Seven, if they stay true to form it's a "magic" virus."
Tuvok: "Of course we could bring this back to the Federation and be able to wage war effectively against the Collective, but that would be logical, so it will obviously never happen."
{Janeway asks Seven if she thinks the Borg could kill the hostages.}
Seven (as herself): "It is guaranteed if Mr. Paris starts talking about his cars."
{In a Jefferies tube in the Flyer Harry is woken up by his commbadge chirping.}
Harry (murmuring, snoring sounds): "Ah! Paresi Squares Practice!"
{Harry Kim asks the computer to identify the signal that woke him.}
Chakotay (as the computer): "The Ferenganar Telemarketing Company."
{The computer says it will take extensive modification to reply.}
B'Elanna (grunting): "MORE POWER!"
{At the meeting with the baby drones First pins Janeway to the wall.}
Chakotay: "Those Borg, just can't keep their hands off her."
{Janeway says Seven knows a lot about Borg systems.}
B'Elanna: "Actually so does the captain, but that knowledge would not be of use here."
{First tells Janeway not to come back there.}
Harry (sneering punk): "This ain't your turf."
{Back on the bridge Janeway says Seven has assured her the hostages have not been harmed.}
(Janeway stirs; lifts her head up, looking around, then simply rests her head to Sevens shoulder an uncontrollable smile on her face as she snuggles in the young woman's arms.)
Janeway (as herself): "Of course she muttered something about them finally being made efficient, but I'm sure she didn't mean anything by it."
{Janeway says mature Borg are predictable, they will ignore you or assimilate you.}
Janeway (as herself): "Or give you those baby blues that will make you do anything they ask."
{Tuvok says they are contemptuous of authority, convinced of their superiority, typical adolescents.}
Seven: "So Tom Paris is an adolescent?"
B'Elanna (chuckling): "Yes."
{B'Elanna identifies an incoming transmission from Harry.}
Janeway (as herself): "Ah Jeez, tell him I'm not here!"
{Harry says he is in some kind of hangar with some alien ships.}
Paris (singing): "Maybe I've seen too much, hangar 18, I know too much."
{Janeway asks him if he would like to go for a stroll.}
Harry (as himself): "Well I am flattered captain, but wouldn't Seven get jealous?"
{He says he could use the exercise.}
Harry (as himself) "Boy howdy! All that time standing behind the console, good to get out and stretch the legs."
{Janeway says that if he is successful he won't have to make the trip back.}
Harry (as himself): "Oh, a suicide mission… sounds like fun."
{Back in the cube Second tells Seven he has the technology she requested.}
Seven (as herself): "That kind of technology is not for children."
{He mentions accessing her file, and she asks him what he learned.}
Tuvok (as Second): "Turnons: Tiny Women, Red Hair, Commanding Personalities."
{Seven fixes Seconds subvocal processor.}
Seven (as herself): "Here let momma fix it."
{He says they told him it would not be fixed until they rejoined the collective. Seven just arches her eyebrows.}
Seven (as herself): "Well I am a bit beyond the Fisher Price Assimilation Set."
{First tells them no unnecessary communication.}
All (but Seven singing): "Somebody's jealous, somebody's jealous."
{First tells him to return to his station.}
Harry (as Second): "but I don't wanna watch Voyager."
{In the captain's ready room Seven tells Janeway she found some disturbing information.}
Seven (as herself): "The sequel to Fair Haven airs next week."
{Seven tells Janeway that the neonatal drones do not know the collective has written them off.}
Seven (as herself): "The message was on a high shelf."
{Seven says that when a drone learns it is irrelevant it deactivates itself.}
Paris: "What, with poison Kool-Aid?"
{Seven says the drones may not adhere to protocols.}
Tuvok: "They are adolescents, protocols are rules, I can guarantee it."
{When talking about adopting the drones Janeway tells Seven she turned out pretty well.}
Janeway (as herself): "Quite well, young… nubile…"
Seven (as herself): "I knew we would have to consider adoption, I guess I didn't realize we would be deciding so quickly."
{Tuvok talks to Harry as he makes his way through the cube using cards to mark his path, and Tuvok tells Harry not to distract himself.}
Tuvok (as himself): "You do not have many mental faculties to start with."
Harry (as himself): "I got the idea from Paris talking about "marking cards"."
{Harry remarks on memories as he walks through the cube and Tuvok asks him if he is referring to an earlier visit to a Borg cube.}
Paris (as Harry): "No, rooting through Seven's underwear drawer."
Janeway: "Ahem?"
Seven: "It is all right captain, as you know, I don't wear any."
(Harry's eyes roll back in his head as he feints.)
Doctor: "I guess I will have to start packing a full medkit for the experiments."
{Seven and the baby drones talk about the Collective.}
B'Elanna: "Ok the attitude on Seven…"
Janeway (interrupting): "Is adorable."
B'Elanna: (continuing): "Is tolerable, sorta, but on that kid!"
{The maturation chamber fails and the baby drone's autonomic nervous system starts to fail.}
Paris: "I knew this show is bad for your health, and then exposing it to CHILDREN."
Doctor: "I will have to issue a "Chief Medical Officers Warning."
{The Drone twins beam the baby, baby drone into an incubation pod.}
Doctor (singing): "Their Borg drones, identical borg drones."
{Seven takes the baby from the pod.}
Seven: "So I beamed it in to lift it out?"
Chakotay: "Apparently so."
{Seven cradles the drone.}
Janeway: "It has your eyes, well eye, at least before the doctor gave you a new one."
{Seven says they need to beam the baby to Voyager, First tries to argue, but Second tells him it will do no one any good if it dies.}
Chakotay (as Second): "Dur Hay."
{At the shield generator Harry sets a charge.}
Harry (as himself): "There we go, air freshener ready to be deployed."
{Harry looses his signal to Tuvok.}
B'Elanna (as communicator): "Connection lost, will try to reestablish in 5…4…3…"
{He turns back and we see the girl.}
All: "Ahh!"
Chakotay: "Don't do that!"
{She holds up Harry's cards.}
Paris (as Borg Girl): "Pick a card, any card."
B'Elanna: "Jeez Harry a 10 year old got the drop on ya."
{The girl says the Queen of hearts looks like Seven of Nine.}
B'Elanna: "Demanding, regal, holier then thou…"
Janeway: "Not just the queen, but the Queen of HEARTS."
{Harry tries to reach his phaser.}
Harry (as himself): "Dum de dum, don't mind me. (whistling)"
{She tells him his weapon wont work there.}
B'Elanna (as Borg Girl): "I'm not out of grade school, and I am already your match."
{She tells him it's a dampening field.}
Tuvok: "It must dampen neural activity as well."
{Walking down a hall of Voyager Janeway asks how long since they lost contact.}
Tuvok (as himself): "With whom? Oh right! Harry Kim."
{She asks about his bio-signs and Tuvok shakes his head no.}
Tuvok: "There was never much life in him to begin with."
{She tells him to keep looking for him.}
Tuvok (as himself): "For who again?"
{Janeway gets to sickbay after the Doctor calls her. Where we see the Borg Baby.}
All: "Awww"
{Janeway says Seven must have beamed her over.}
Janeway (as herself): "You think she's trying to tell me something?"
{The baby starts to fuss, and calms as the Doctor hands her to Janeway, saying she just wanted to be held.}
Chakotay: "She has that effect on drones."
Doctor: "Soothing them, or wanting her to hold them?"
Seven: "Both"
{As she is holding the baby the Doctor shows her the pathogen and she orders him to begin working with Tuvok as dispensing it.}
Paris: "That is COLD."
Doctor: "Excuse me, but I would never bring a patient, let alone a child that close to a lethal pathogen."
{First calls her to the maturation chamber, chamber where she complains about him interrupting her.}
Seven (as herself): Not now, momma's busy."
{Then he asks her to identify the plasma charge.}
Seven (as herself): "It's a smoke detector. Have you had it checked this year?"
{The baby drones step apart to reveal Harry laying unconscious.}
Harry: "Ok I may be only an ensign, but I am also bridge crew, I would like to think I am at least SOME WHAT competent!"
Janeway: "Consider yourself lucky ensign, they are just doubt your ability, not your STAbility."
(Harry looks like he wants to say more, but then nods and falls quiet.)
{First tells Seven that nanoprobes were injected into Harry's bloodstream and he will die with out medical attention.}
Seven: "Nanoprobes are used for assimilation and while it is possible to alter them I can not see the children being able to do so, yet not able to perform a successful assimilation, or repair a subvocal defect."
Doctor: "Magic."
{First demands the deflector.}
Paris (as First): "I want it NOW, NOW, NOW, NOW, NOW, NOW!"
{They try to rip it out with a tractor beam.}
Tuvok: "A borg tantrum, interesting."
Janeway: "Maybe… the first time."
(Seven arches her implant.)
{Seven tells the baby drones about the collective disregarding them.}
Janeway: "They actually managed a moving moment."
Paris: "Un-quippable material, I'll be."
Tuvok: "This means they no longer need our deflector dish."
Janeway (motherly voice): "What did I tell you kids about shutting off the tractor beam when you are no longer require it?"
{Tuvok finds the weakness in the shields in which to administer the pathogen.}
Tuvok (as himself): "Sensors detect a hole in the plot captain."
Janeway (as herself): "Actually Mr. Tuvok it's a weakness in the plot so it is a plot contrivance more then a plot hole."
{Janeway tells Tuvok there is always an alternative.}
(All giggle.)
{B'Elanna is afraid the manuver might not work and Janeway assures her it will.}
Janeway (as herself): "The shows almost over."
{Seven tells the baby drones they have no future with the collective, but they do on Voyager.}
Paris: "On Voyager? I think I'd choose deactivation."
{The maneuver drops the cube's shields and they beam back Paris, Neelix and Chakotay.}
Tuvok (as himself): "Bit characters disposed of off screen captain."
{Janeway is told Harry and Seven are still on the cube and orders them to increase the pulse.}
Janeway (as herself): "I want my borgie baby back, and I want her NOW!"
{First lifts up a round object to attack Seven, and Second stops him.}
Harry (as Second): "That's MY pogoball!"
Paris: "Instead of Lord of the Flies its Lord of the Files."
{Second turns on him with the help of Borg Girl.}
Paris (as Second): "You're not the boss of me!"
{As First is dying he says they need to resist.}
Chakotay (as First): "I know it is futile… but I just gotta."
Paris (as First): "Dying is easy, comedy is… irrelevant."
{Borg girl tells him they will find a new home.}
Seven (as Borg Girl): "We will even have TWO mommies."
{As a space shot of Voyager flying is shown Janeway makes a journal entry where she mentions Harry is recovering in sickbay.}
Janeway (as herself): "The Doctor has asked for permission to keep a mug with Harry's name on it for him in sickbay."
{While in her ready room Janeway suggests Seven take care of the children.}
Seven (as herself): "Oh no you don't, we are BOTH their parents here."
{In cargo bay 2 Borg Girl asks if they have to regenerate now.}
B'Elanna (as Borg Girl): "I'll assimilate one more species, then I'll go right to bed, I promise."
{She tucks the baby drones into the alcoves, and says sweet dreams.}
B'Elanna: "That's kind of cute in an odd way."
{The crew stands as the holodeck reverts to its normal grid and the doors open, the scene slowly fading.}

{Fade in on the bridge, the crew in various states, Seven leaning over her console to whispering in Janeways ear.}
Seven (whispering in Janeways ear): "Are you all right Kathryn? I have never heard of you feinting."
(At the soft breath on her neck and her beloved's voice in her ear Janeway makes a similar delighted sound and feints again. Seven looking over and sharing a confused look with Chakotay.)
{Fade to black.}