Mystery Series Theater 3000

Unimatrix 0

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Wyld's Notes: I have started writing this on Thursday 5-18-2000. Yeah, you heard me right, I started the MSTing about a week before the episode ever airs. The previews alone DEMANDED a response, even if I feel it's like those fish in a barrel. A note of thanks to Gina Dartt at one point I will be drawing directly from her review. As always feel free to mail me polite email.

Disclaimer: This is done for purely entertainment purposes only, no profit is being made or is intended to. This is not meant to infringe upon the rights held by Paramount, Best Brains, or any others. Any other rights are reserved. This was written by a J/7er, heavy on the 7. If f/f themes offend you, you have my sympathy and my recommendation that you find something else to read.

(Sung to the Love Theme to Mystery Science Theater 3000)
Sometime in the Distant Future
Round the end of season three
Voyager found itself in Borg space
Drones as far as the eye could see
Then they lucked out and met a drone
Who got the Collective to leave them alone
But the Queen decided she wanted Seven back
So she tracked down the USS Voyager and went on the attack
Bridge Crew Roll Call
Captain Janeway: "Janeway to Astrometrics."
Seven: "Captain Janeway to Astrometrics."
..and the rest
B'Elanna: "What's this "and the rest" nonsense???"
On Mystery Series Theatre 3000

{We see the bridge of Voyager, the walls strewn with streamers and the floors littered with confetti. The bridge crew can be seen wearing party hats and holding noisemakers.}
(Seven's party hat is askew while she seems to be puzzling over one of the coiled noisemakers that uncurls when you blow in it.)
Janeway (stepping closer to Seven): "It's easy to use Seven, you just put your lips together…"
(Seven smiles while arching her brow at the captain, she then purses her lips and places the noisemaker between her lips and blows.)
(Janeway smiles as the noisemaker whistles.)
Seven (pulling the noisemaker away): "I still do not understand the nature of the celebration."
B'Elanna: "It's the last first run episode of the season!"
Seven (doing her head tilt): "So?"
Tuvok: "For the next three months we will be able to track the enemies movements. With no new episodes we will know what to expect with just the mention of a title."
Seven: "We already know what to expect."
(The crew laugh.)
Janeway (giving Seven a kiss on the cheek): "Yes, but now we will know the details."
Harry (grinning): "IT'S TIME!"
Paris: "Let's go!"
{The crew run from the bridge an pile into the turbolift.}

{Fade in on the theater, the crew's still party clad silhouettes already seated (left to right) Seven, Janeway, Chakotay, Tuvok, Kim, Paris, B'Elanna, and the Doctor.}
Tuvok: "Unimatrix 0" Crew of Voyager 11."
(All blow or twirl their noisemakers.)
Chakotay: "There is still the matter of the other man."
B'Elanna: "What man? It's just the writers equivalent of a blow up doll."
Seven (sounding ill): "My Michael Sullivan."
Janeway (kissing Seven): "It's ok, you showed me how to help someone recover from that kind of trauma."
(Seven and Janeway share a smile.)
{The screen comes to live showing a Borg cube flying through a Borg installation.}
Paris (as Jacques Cousteau): "Ah, the Borg, the insect hive of space. My assistant Harry will go out to greet them while I stay here in the ship."
{The screen enters a ship to pass by rows and rows of drones getting closer and closer.}
(Seven sighs and Janeway places a concerned hand to Seven's elbow.)
Seven: "Sorry, guess I'm just a little home sick."
{A drone's human eye is seen in a REM state, and then opening.}
Doctor (drone reverb): "Ah! Assimilation practice!"
{The Queen's head and shoulders are seen.}
Chakotay: "Aren't you glad you use head and shoulders? Don't you wish everyone did?"
{Accompanied by 2 other drones the Queen demands the interlink frequency from 4 of 12.}
B'Elanna: "Why doesn't she just strap him into a alcove and analyze him there? You know, pick him apart to get all the secrets."
Janeway: "The interlink must be powered by the plot device."
{The Queen severs 4 of 12 from the Hive mind and he starts to make whimpering/gasping sounds. She then tells him she knows how disconcerting it is.}
Harry (as 4 of 12): "Actually, I just remembered I had to go to the bathroom."
{4 of 12 insists he does not remember the interlink frequency.}
Tuvok: "So he is able to remember there is a frequency, but not what it is."
Paris: "He needs to lean how to play dumb."
(The rest of the crew just stares at Tom.)
Paris: "I set myself up for that one, didn't I?"
Janeway: "Let's consider it said and move on."
{The Queen orders 4 of 12 deactivated and disassembled and the two drones with him drag him off.}
Paris (as 4 of 12 being hauled away): "At least I won't be on Voyager anymore."
{The screen comes to life with the image of Seven walking in a forest.}
Doctor: "This is supposed to be Seven's dreams?"
Seven: "It is missing the Captain dressed in an animal skin bikini."
Paris: "Oh, sort of a you Jane me Janeway kind of thing right?"
Harry: "So this is where Seven's going to "remember" her old boy friend?"
Seven: "My efforts to download the crew logs through my alcove have shown the effects of trying to download data into my mind."
Chakotay: "You suddenly "remembering" you were in love seems to qualify as unbalanced behavior doesn't it?"
Seven (nodding sadly): "That is correct."
Janeway (clasping Seven's hand): "Don't worry, I got you off the Delta Flyer."
B'Elanna: "You'll get her off now?"
All (but B'Elanna): "B'ELANNA!"
{A guy walks up and calls Seven Annika and she turns away.}
Seven (as herself as a little kid): "Ewww a boy!"
Harry (deathly pale): "It LOOKS like Braga."
Tuvok: "I believe we found Seven's love interest."
Chakotay: "You think he looks like Braga? I think he looks like a Cardassian."
Paris: "A Cardassian Braga?"
B'Elanna: "What the hell? They trying to insult the Maquis on the ship along with the Captain?"
Doctor (sounding nauseous): "I think I'm going to be sick."
Harry: "You can't get sick with out being programmed."
Doctor (still sounding nauseous): "Until now."
{Seven wakes up in her alcove.}
Janeway (as Seven, repeating over and over): "It's normal to be curious, it's normal to be curious…"
{In sickbay the Doctor talks with Seven about her dream and he calls it a milestone.}
Doctor (as himself, primping): "So, you were interested in a man?"
Seven: "Doctor, need I remind you that I have had the most success in altering your program?"
(The Doctor slinks down in his chair.)
{The Doctor suggests that the forest may be a childhood memory.}
Seven (as herself): "That, or a memory from Kathryn's "Get back to nature phase."
{The Doctor asks if the man is a father figure, or a subconscious need for male companionship.}
(The crew seems stunned.)
Paris (shouting to the roof): "We meant that as a JOKE!"
Paris (changing his mind and shouting to the floor): "We meant that as a JOKE!"
B'Elanna: "Forget that, at least the writers seem to be acknowledging Seven may have not wanted MALE companionship yet."
Tuvok: "OUR writers?"
Janeway: "Mr. Tuvok, we will take what we can get."
{Seven insists he repair her, and he tells her dreaming is not a malfunction.}
Seven (as herself): "It's not the dreaming, it's the fact that some outside force is directing the dreaming to his own insane plan."
{The Doctor says that Seven will be looking forward to climbing into her alcove soon.}
Doctor (as himself): "By the end of the episode if the rumors about the Captain are true."
{Paris gets on the bridge and Chakotay, Janeway and Tuvok tell him he is 22 seconds late.}
Paris (as himself): "Fair Haven was months ago, I SAID I was sorry!"
{Chakotay says the not only is Paris late, but improperly dressed.}
Paris (as himself): "Hey! If Seven can wear high heels, so can I!"
{Janeway reinstates Paris.}
Paris: "Probably for faithful service to the dark masters."
{Harry says that he did not notice a box at his station.}
Janeway (as herself): "I still remember your attempt to seduce Seven."
{Paris asks if they have a cake in the console.}
Tuvok: "If it looks anything like my cake from the last experiment it may was well be a part of the console."
{They get a distress signal, and Chakotay goes to check it.}
Chakotay (as himself): "It's from the Faction, the producers are tormenting them with misleading ads."
{They respond to the distress signal and discover Borg weapon signatures, and Janeway orders them quickly away.}
Janeway: "At least the Borg are exciting again."
(Seven smirks and Janeway smirks back at her.)
{Captain Janeway says they do not know who these people were, but that the Borg destroyed them.}
Chakotay (as himself): "As far as we can tell they were called the "Trek Fans" and they were assimilated and then discarded despite their continued usefulness."
{Seven stands hesitantly in front of her alcove and affixes the monitor.}
Seven (as herself): "Ok, ok I have to think of Kathryn, Kathryn in her gray undershirt, Kathryn in LESS than the gray undershirt."
{Seven's eyes are seen entering REM state.}
Chakotay: "Abandon all hope, ye who enter here."
{Seven wakes up in Uni0 to be startled by a klingon putting his hand on her shoulder.}
Seven: "I've seen scarier Klingons."
(B'Elanna bristles while Seven grins.)
{Alien lover boy says he brought her there.}
Seven: "I'm sure he has a name, the question is if we care."
Janeway: "I think we all know the answer to that."
Chakotay: "He's an alien of the week, does it matter?"
Harry (as the alien lover boy): "I need at least one place you can't run to that Janeway chick."
{Seven says that it is not real.}
Seven (as herself): "I said this was ridiculous several months ago and I still can't believe it."
{Lover boy says that it will come back to her.}
Janeway: "So her past six years of development on Voyager will be irrelevant?"
B'Elanna: "If the writers have their way."
(Janeway seems to be hiding her reaction, and Seven silently takes her hand.)
{The scene with the little kid's new arrival to Uni0.}
Tuvok: "I am detecting an implanted scene."
Seven: "I may be having a psychotic episode, but even in that state I can tell it's planted."
{Lover boy explains the interlink and that it has been discovered by the Collective.}
Seven (as herself): "Ok, ok! I'm your only hope, I get the idea!"
B'Elanna: "The guy does tend to ramble doesn't he?"
(Everyone looks at Paris.)
Paris: "What? He's not even a hologram!"
{He explains Seven is their only connection to the real word.}
Chakotay (as Morpheus): "You are the one."
Seven (as Neo): "Are you saying I'll be able to dodge bullets?"
Chakotay (as Morpheus): "I'm saying that when you're ready, you won't have to."
B'Elanna (as Trinity): "Dodge this."
Harry: "Ok, what the heck was that?"
Chakotay, Seven, and B'Elanna: "More entertaining then the episode."
{The Queen and two drones are seen analyzing 4 of 12's severed head in her chamber.}
(Paris seems to be thinking, and then he taps Harry on the shoulder and the two start talking about something.)
{Back in Uni0 lover boy tells her that she has been a part of their lives for 18 years.}
Seven: "18 years and the Collective is just discovering it NOW?"
{A klingon threatens lover boy.}
All (but Harry and Tom): "Ra ra klingon, ra ra klingon."
{Lover boy says that even if the klingon kills him it will not matter because he will return during his next regeneration cycle.}
Janeway: "Yeah, but that means he could kill him over, and over and over."
All: "Do it, do it, do it."
{Laura is introduced.}
Seven (smirking): "Well, I remembered her right away didn't I?"
Doctor: "Yeah, there is something about that haircut isn't there?"
{They talk about Seven's appearance and that it's irrelevant.}
Chakotay: "You believe that and I have a fill in the blank Borg system matrix to sell you."
{In the conference room Tuvok says that he could create a mind meld with Seven and Janeway.}
Chakotay, Harry, Doctor, and Paris: "Lucky."
(The sound of B'Elanna elbowing Tom in the ribs.)
{Janeway tells Seven it looks like they will be turning in early.}
Janeway (as herself): "Tuvok, we will see you in the morning."
{Walking down a hallway Janeway tells Chakotay that the last time she heard "My mind to your mind." She had a headache for two weeks.}
Janeway (as herself): "and that was just Tuvok giving a report on the nature of the mind meld."
{With a gesture Tom and Harry quickly get up and sneak out of the theater.}
B'Elanna: "Where are they going?"
{In Cargo Bay 2 the Doctor criticizes Tuvok for not being absolutely sure about the Bridge of Minds.}
Tuvok (as himself): "I've seen you practice medicine, and you have no right to criticize."
{Tuvok tells Janeway and Seven that he will be aware of their perceptions.}
Janeway and Seven (looking nervously at each other as themselves): "Everything?"
{Janeway wakes up in Uni0 as the screen freezes.}
Janeway: "I guess that means we should find Tom and Harry before we continue."
{The crew gets up and exits.}

{Back on the bridge Harry and Paris are at Ensign Kim's station playing with a Mr. Potatohead. With a variety of parts strewn over the console.}
(The rest of the crew enters from the turbolift.)
Chakotay: "We were wondering why you two ducked out early."
B'Elanna: "What the hell is that?"
Paris: "It's Mr. Collectivehead."
(The rest of the crew stares at the pair blankly.)
Harry & Paris (singing): "It 's Mr. Collectivehead, and his bucket of parts, buckets of fun for every one."
Paris (holding the toy in a normal Mr. Potatohead arrangement): "See, you have Mr. Collectivehead having a perfect day, getting plenty of water, nutrients. Just waiting for the day he would be sliced into fries or covered in sour cream, but the Collective decided to add his tuber-logical distinctiveness to their own."
(Paris lifts the toy up like it's in a tractor beam where he then lays it on the console and he and Harry start pulling away the normal parts and replacing them with corny plastic toy-like cybernetics.)
(Watching this the rest of the crew seems to take a step back in unison.)
(Paris and Harry hold up a now droned Mr. Potatohead. Its hat gone so it is bald, one eye now green, the other a bright pink Borg eyepiece. The one arm is still white with the white glove, but the arm is thicker, the other one similar, but with a fork on the end. The tie is now a sky blue chest plate and the feet squared blue boots.)
Harry: "Then he met a starfleet captain with a craving for home fries."
{The two begin altering the toys "implants" as the crew start backing towards the turbolift door.}
Harry: Uh oh, we have episode sign!"
{Paris and Harry look up to see the bridge deserted and then make a dash for the turbolift.}

{Janeway and Seven wake up in Uni0, but Seven is in a lavender outfit and is missing her implants.}
B'Elanna: "Lavender, fitting somehow."
{Janeway pouts.}
Chakotay: "Uh oh, the parents must have taken their little girl in to get all that body modification removed."
Harry (Minnewegan): "Well can you blame them? The second she gets out of the cube she starts hanging with a bad crowd, seeing someone almost twice her age, disgraceful, just disgraceful."
Paris (Minnewegan): "That Chakotay boy probably gave her the idea."
(Chakotay and Seven share a look where she arches her implant while he arches his tattoo.)
{Janeway calls her Seven, but Seven tells her that she is called Annika there. Janeway stares at her until they hear others.}
Janeway (as herself): "No, no, I'm here to work!"
Doctor: "It still is a rather tender moment."
Janeway (standing up and speaking to the readers): "Ok, who killed Braga?"
B'Elanna (as Janeway sits back down): "and how can we thank you?"
{Annika says they need to go find lover boy.}
Chakotay: "She's let her hair down in more ways then one."
Seven: "I simply would be more familiar with the terrain."
Janeway (pouting): "Here I was hoping you were feeling dominant."
Doctor: "I think you mentioned it earlier captain, but if Seven will suddenly "remember" 18 years worth of social skills it would have the potential of ruining Seven's character."
Seven: "Further."
{In her chamber the Queen holds a drone's head saying that they are close.}
Janeway (as the Queen): "Horatio."
{She hands it to another drone that impales it on a metal stick.}
Seven: "Ok, this is just getting sick."
{The Queen says that if they can not terminate the link they will just have to pay them a visit.}
Janeway: "Uh oh."
Seven: "Don't worry, I registered our china pattern with the Collective."
Doctor: "Well that was a rather misleading sound bite in the promo."
Tuvok: "Does that surprise you?"
Doctor: "Sadly, no."
{Janeway is seen walking next to lover boy as the move through the forest.}
Janeway (as herself): "No I am NOT willing to share!"
{The drones enter Uni0 and start tagging the drones by "assimilating" them, then they are seen chasing the kid that arrived soon after Seven.}
Doctor: "That kid is being planted so often I should check him for chlorophyll."
{The klingon leaps into battle, and when he gets knocked down Janeway strolls in, jumping to the Queens chamber she can see Janeway through the drones eyes where she just says the captain's name.}
Paris (as Seinfeld): "Newman."
{Janeway invites Chakotay to her ready room and offers him a seat, but he says he prefers to stand.}
Seven: "Hey! That's MY line."
{Janeway pleads with Chakotay to work with her on instigating the civil war.}
Chakotay (as himself): "You're finally telling me what is going on, I'll be glad to help."
Seven: "I thought you were calling it a resistance movement."
Janeway: "You can't expect the writers to keep track of what I say from scene to scene."
Tuvok: "Actually the nature of the Collective puts it in a continual state of war with the Federation and there for any action taken would be justifiable as such."
{The Doctor tells them how they modified the virus lover boy made.}
Doctor: "Of course lover boy made it, I wonder if HIS daydream program is malfunctioning."
{Annika and lover boy discuss the situation.}
Seven: "I believe he can be qualified as just a friend, regardless of any claims he may make otherwise."
{As they hide from the drones lover boy puts his arm around Annika, and she says it felt familiar.}
Seven (as herself): "I believe my normal reaction was to need a shower."
{Seven kisses the alien.}
Doctor: "I'm sure he is just in need of CPR."
Janeway: "Thank you for trying Doctor."
(Seven and Janeway give the Doctor sad smiles.)
B'Elanna (as Seven): "Hey, ever assimilate a breath mint?"
{She says they were more then friends, and asks why he did not tell her.}
Paris (as lover boy): "I've seen how you look at Janeway and there is no way I can compete with that."
{He says they were together six years.}
Harry: "Umm wait, that means he asked her out on her 18th birthday?"
B'Elanna: "I want to say how he looks like he would have been older then 18 at that point, but I don't really want to contemplate it."
Paris: "Doesn't that tend to say he wanted her BEFORE she was 18."
B'Elanna: "Tom! I said I didn't want to think about it."
Paris: "Blame the writers, they could have said 3, 4 or 5 years. We have about two under our belt and we are doing great. I think they were just trying to dodge the jail bait bullet."
{He says they were a memorable six years, for him anyway.}
Seven: "If that is his idea of romance it is no wonder I didn't want to remember him."
{He calls her Annika, but she tells him to call her Seven of Nine.}
Paris (wincing): "I have a feeling there are not enough flowers in the quadrant to make up for that."
Seven: "Flowers are irrelevant! Lover boy is irrelevant! This whole episode is irrelevant!"
(Janeway pulls Seven into her arms and rests Seven's head to her chest, and though she seems tense she complies.)
Seven (nuzzling into Janeway's arms): "Besides if they needed to find me a male pairing they could have found someone more suitable like Tuvok, or the Commander."
(Tuvok arches his brow while Chakotay grins and puffs out his chest, Harry and the Doctor look heartbroken.)
{In engineering they examine a picture of a Borg tactical cube.}
Paris: "What, the Borg cubes were not imposing enough?"
Seven: "I believe the theory is that the tactical cubes are used in the assimilation of militaristic societies"
Tuvok: "The fact?"
Seven: "They are trying to add tension by adding plating."
{B'Elanna says she rechecked long range sensors, and that is it.}
Harry and Seven: "Why would she recheck long range sensors?"
{Chakotay and Janeway walk down the hall discussing her plan, and she hopes for his unconditional support.}
Chakotay (as himself): "I support your plan, not your ego."
{A transwarp signal taps into the computers, activating the com-signal and causing a green glow.}
(The crew looks confusedly at each other, Tuvok pulling out a tricorder.)
Tuvok: "Sensors confirm, an actual dramatic scene."
{Janeway walks onto the bridge and the Queen calls her captain.}
Janeway (as herself): "Please, please, call me Kathryn."
{Kathryn says that it has been a long time.}
(The crew looks at Janeway.)
Harry: "Ok, now we are just reading into it."
Paris: "Yeah, but it's kind of fun isn't it?"
{The Queen says she will see Harry later.}
Tuvok: "Brace yourself for possible character development."
Harry: "Well I am a bit rusty, but I think I will be able to handle it."
{Paris and Torres have a touching scene in the Delta Flyer.}
Paris and Torres (holding hands and cuddling together): "Finally."
{They find the tactical cube and display it on the bridge screen.}
Tuvok: "It seems the Queen did not bother to inform the Collective to be on the look out for us."
{Janeway and Chakotay have the hand holding scene.}
(Janeway and Chakotay share a warm smile.)
Paris: "can I borrow your tricorder Tuvok."
(Tuvok hands Paris the scanner and he points it at the screen.)
Paris: "Yes, we are in fact watching Voyager."
{In Uni0 they have a briefing and then lover boy and Seven have a talk.}
Chakotay (to Seven and Janeway): "Brace for impact."
{As the engage they tactical cube Chakotay tells them to increase the phasers.}
Chakotay (giggling as himself): "Because I'm sure you've only been firing them at partial power so far."
{Voyager battles the tactical cube, the scene jumping between Voyager, to the Flyer, to the Queens camber.}
(The crew watches, quietly.)
Seven (whispering): "Over 5 minutes with out comment, that is a record."
{The Delta Flyer explodes.}
Paris: "Nnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnoooooooooooooooooo!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!"
{A drone sinks its assimilation tubules into Captain Janeway.}
Seven: "Kathryn, when I said I wanted us to be closer…"
{We see the assimilated Janeway.}
Janeway: "We'll it's been said you should try to immerse yourself in your partner's culture."
(Seven seems to be contemplating Janeway. As the crew looks at her oddly.)
Seven (noticing the looks): "Don't worry, they already discarded her hair, a definition of perfection."
(Janeway smiles, blushing slightly.)
Paris: "I think the Queen was just curious about what she was missing."
(Janeway emits a startled bark of laughter while Seven smiles.)
{The screen says to be continued.}
B'Elanna: "We know, we know, you can't scare us!"
Janeway: "On that note, it's a wrap."
{The crew is smiling and chatting among themselves as they calmly walk for the doors while the holodeck reverts to its normal grid.}

{The crew is back on the bridge, loitering as they continue to enjoy food and drink, seeming to say they are continuing the party but at a more relaxed pace.}
Janeway: "I think we can say that all in all this was a pretty good episode."
(The crew mumbles an agreement.)
Janeway (smiling): "Still, I think we should continue the one good thing/one bad thing we started when Kes visited the ship. I'll go first."
(The crew grumbles.)
Janeway (grinning): "Rank has its privileges. The good thing would be that they actually seem to be listening to the fans this episode. They might not be giving everyone, everything, but they are giving enough to justify continuing to watch. The bad thing would be that the shows history probably has people mistrusting enough to think it can not last, Chakotay?"
Chakotay: "The good thing would be I am finally getting to fulfill my role as first officer. Supporting you when you need it, but contradicting you when you need it as well. The bad thing is that their Janeway still doesn't seem to realize that is my job, Tuvok?"
Tuvok: "Infiltrating the Collective through assimilation was a sound tactical consideration."
(The crew looks at him.)
Tuvok: "Are you saying the surprised you?"
(The crew shakes their heads no.)
Tuvok: "The "bad thing" was that it was done in such an obvious manner. I think the show would have been better served if the clues were far lesser, B'Elanna?"
B'Elanna: "Well, I got assimilated, but Tom and I were able to have a touching farewell, Tom?"
Paris (looks confused, then grins): "Oh yeah, I have my rank back don't I? You may have been assimilated B'Elanna, but at least you are kinda cute as a drone. The bad thing is not only did they assimilate one of my babies, but they blew up the other one, Doctor?"
Doctor: "The bad thing would be the triumphant return of the magic virus. The good thing would be that it was not the miracle cure all, it had the problems like delivery method and what not, Ensign Kim?"
Harry: "Bad thing, I'm still an Ensign, yes Tom did deserve to be reinstated, but if these circumstances were happening on any ship with the fleet I would have been promoted by now. Good thing is that the writers have gained back some faith, if they keep it up I should get my promotion soon enough, Seven?"
Seven: "While it is rewarding the writers are showing a willingness to acknowledge that developing as a human entails developing a sexual nature. The fact they seemed to draw on a male/female relationship that was as long as good taste would allow seemed a waste of what they seem to plan as one shot character anyway."
Janeway: "So, good episode?"
(The crew nods reluctantly.)
{The screen comes to life in the Queens chamber, showing her and Brannon Braga.}
Braga: "What? They weren't meant to see this episode!"
Queen (imperious): "I know, but I thought Seven would enjoy seeing her precious Janeway assimilated."
Braga (rubbing his temples): "How much of the episode did you see? It's actually GOOD! We were under the gun here. If we didn't end number six on a high note we wouldn't get any victims for season seven. We had to draw on what little talent we have to put that script together! It was not meant to break wills, but reinforce them."
Queen: "Irrelevant."
Braga: "Oh yeah, THAT'S original! I was here before you, and I will be here after!"
{The screen changes back to the bridge, but Braga and the Queen can still be seen arguing on the viewscreen.}
Janeway (grinning): "Push the button Harry."
{The screen goes black with the sounds of the Queen and Braga arguing, while the crew of Voyager seems to start the party back up.}