Friday 24 February 2006
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Happy Valentines To Everyone

Local Cinema Goes Star Trekkin'

The Loma Cinema has changed its programme unexpectedly and in a bizarre loss making move is now devoting itself to the Mystery Series Theatre 3000. The latter is the strange offspring of the mind of mad writer Wyldchilde.
Devoted to the finest series of Star Trek that never was. The Mystery Series Theater aims to uncover what might have been in a Bragaless Universe and contrasts that strange alternate universe with the even stranger reality that is Star Trek Voyager.
Customers should know that the Mystery Series Theater fan fiction is the work of one man and one man alone. All comments, praise, hysteria and law suits should be directed his way.

Some browsers have problems with our pages!

by Gruff Frases.

Our intrepid reporter has discovered that some web browsers cannot see our pages without the aid of a special no frames page. If you suffer from this sad affliction then follow the link to a simpler, less stressful version. But be warned in no way are the Mystery Series Theater plays diluted for the browserly challenged.

Programme addition 24 February 2006
Gasp at the audacity! Gibber with hysteria! Shake with Fury!

All New Season 3

Episode 1 Enterprise: The Prequel

Enter the theater.

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